Friday, March 26, 2010

Why oh why

do I always get sick this time of year??? I'm guessing its because the weather goes from 40 in the morning to 80 in the afternoon. Pollen is flying through the air and my body is just not use to it.

I woke up Wednesday morning with a sore throat. Didn't think anything about it and went on to work. By Wednesday night I knew something was off because I was sitting in my sweatpants and a hoodie and yet I was shaking. I took my temperature but at that time it was only 98.8. So I whine to the hubs that I have a fever, you know to get out of finishing folding the clothes and other house chores, and I go to bed. Thursday morning rolls around and when I go to get in the shower, I made the dumb mistake of looking in the mirror and scream in horror at what is looking back at me. My right side of my neck is swollen and my ear feels as though someone is playing on my ear drum. So off to the convenient care I go. Thank goodness I don't have strep throat but I do have an infection so he gives me a prescription for some medicine, I get it filled and off to the house I go to curl up in bed and go back to sleep.

My throat is still killing me and I did run a fever this morning (102) but after taking some motrin and popping the prescription, I started to feel better so off to work I came. I'm feeling alright for the moment. I'm still hoping to get in my 8-miler (since I didn't complete it last weekend) this weekend. I'm also planning on taking C to our 5k course and letting her have a go at it just to see where she's at and what I need to work on before the big race next month.

Have a great Friday all.

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