Monday, March 29, 2010

My weekend

Well I was suppose to run 8 miles on Saturday but after getting up that morning, my head felt like Forrest Gump was playing ping pong in there. I took my medicine and something for my head and just relaxed for a while. The headache and sore throat went away but I made an executive decision to just relax. I figured I would be able to do the run on Sunday. Well that night bug jr. and I went to get dinner and as we were pulling up to a red light I hear in the back seat the starting of one throwing up. Yup, bug jr. was spewing hotdog everywhere. It was really disgusting but she seemed to feel so much better afterwards, so I was happy about that.

Sunday morning rolled around and I didn't feel like I did Saturday morning but my head still felt like Forrest Gump was in it and my throat was still on fire. So I made another executive decision and stayed at home. I usually have to run on the weekends, because it makes me feel so good, but with being sick, I figured it would do my body good to relax it.

So I've decided to do my 8 miles on Wednesday, 4 in the morning and 4 in the evening. I'm still waiting on my running goodies to come in, UPS promises them here on April's Fools Day. Bug and I have on schedule to do 3 miles today, I'm hoping we get to do it. Tomorrow I'm planning on going to spin class, let's hope this sore throat and terrible headache stays away.

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