Tuesday, March 16, 2010

What drives you crazy

So this morning I had just dropped C off at school and K off at the daycare and was wounding my way through South Georgia traffic trying to get to work on time. I pull up to a four way stop sign and there's three cars. Well the car that is opposite me doesn't have on her turning signal and so I ASSUME (and I very well know what ASSUME means) she is going to go straight through the stop sign, like myself. So when the one car waves us both through I pull straight through and the other car turns. WHAT!!! YOU DIDN'T HAVE YOUR BLINKER ON BUT YET YOUR TURNING. I booked it through the stop signing screaming at the driver. She could hear me because I'm loud like that.

That is my biggest peeves. I cannot stand when someone turns but there is no turning signal to indicate that they are turning. I cannot read your mind people, I know you think I can but I just can't. Use the blinker, that's why they are in your car.

Uggh, so C and I did some sprint work yesterday and boy can I feel it in my thighs. They are killing me. We probably only got a mile in but we did run and that was all that mattered. I'm thinking we are going to do about two miles this afternoon, well that's what is on on the schedule so I'll see how I feel after I get off of work.

Have a Happy Tuesday!!!!

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