Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Spring is almost here

but the weather sure doesn't feel like it. The high is only suppose to be 56 today. I so wish the cold and rain would go away. This has been the coldest and rainest winter I think I have ever seen.

Since Spring is here, I'm doing some spring cleaning that started last weekend. DH and I have decided that everyone, and yes that includes the two year, will have some kind of chores to do. I'm suppose to type out a list so we can check off when things get done, haven't typed that list out yet, but I sure can see it in my mind, just wish DH and the kids could see it also so they could start checking things off. Anywho, we will be giving C $3 a week (once that list gets printed out) for doing all of her chores. Not sure how well this is going to go but we are going to try our hardest to make it work.

Since it's raining, ugh go away, I'm heading to the gym this afternoon to get my running in on the treadmill. Not a big fan of the treadmill but since I have a gym membership, I guess I'll go use it. I'm still sitting on the fence about running the Girl's Incorporated half in Panama City Beach, FL. Since the race is in October, I would need to start in June getting ready for it. I'm planning on using the full marathon training guide, so I can feel comfortable during the middle miles because my body will be use to them, rather than the half-training. I also plan on stepping up the spin classes more and adding weights and such to the training. I'll definitely decide if I want to do this race sometime at the end of May.

Have a great and rainy Wednesday.

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