Thursday, March 11, 2010

Rain, Rain

go away. Well it was actually suppose to rain yesterday but it held off until today and now I'm not sure if C and I will be able to get our training in today or not. I'm still in a bit of resting mode, so it's not biggie either way, I just really wanted to get out there with her. Hopefully it will go away before the end of the day. A girl can hope.

Well I'm still mentally debating if I should do a 5k that is on March 20 in my little town. I don't usually like to do races unless they are on the Georgia Gran Prix calendar and this one is not on it but it is right around the block from where I live and I can count this one as a pre-race warm up to the one in April. I think I'm just going to skip it and do the one in April. My goal is to try to do a run every month, but here's the problem, there is not a run every month. We have a huge spurt of them in the beginning months of the year and then in September they come back and then it's one every month until April. Ugh, what's a girl to do when I have nothing to train for. That's one of the reasons I run, is for the races, they help keep me accountable, because if I'm going to spend the money, then I'm going to run that race no matter what.

Well as I was typing this post it was raining. Since I had to go to lunch during it, I saved it and I guess the Great Lord above heard my plea of wanting to go running this afternoon and now the sun is shining and it's 66 degrees outside. Boy-oh-boy, how I wish I was outside instead of being stuck inside.

Have a great Thursday all.

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