Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I lied

to all of you yesterday when I said I wasn't going to start running until Thursday. While at work I found the unfinished bag of sport beans that I had purchased at the expo before Snicker's. I finished off what was left and when I left the office I felt pumped. I haven't felt this good since Saturday after the race. I went and got K from daycare and since C was going to the movies with her grandfather, I shot home, changed into my running clothes, and went down to the local 5K course we have. I didn't even set the timer on my watch, I just took off. It felt so good to be back into running. I'll admit that I was really scared of what it would feel like to run after doing the half marathon. It felt great. I felt great and I realized then how much I enjoy running. With music blaring in my ears, my feet hitting the ground, it was a beautiful spring like afternoon down here in South Georgia.

I feel awesome today and even though I'm not going to get a run in today, I'm still taking it slow, I do plan on some laps Thursday with C, then I'm doing 8 miles on Saturday. Six of those miles will be just me and two will be with C.

I hope everyone has a HAPPY HUMP DAY!!! I know I will.

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