Friday, March 12, 2010

I fell so hard and didn't want to at first

for the Twilight series. When it first came out, I was like "Please, me read that stuff. It's meant for teenagers." But when I did finally break down and read it, I was hooked. I read through those books so fast my head spun around afterwards. Then all I could think about months later was "I need me a Edward and Belle fix." Those have to be some of the best books out there and I so can't wait for C and K to be able to read them.

As for the movies, Twilight sucked it big time. It was the worst movie ever and I was so disappointed. Then New Moon was released and I honestly had no words because it was the book, well as almost the book as you can get. I didn't have nothing to complain about. Now I've watched the Eclipse trailer twice and cannot wait until June 30 gets here. I'm really thinking I'm going to be one of the millions of girls waiting to see that movie at midnight.

Now on to what this blog is really about, running. Well C and I did run yesterday. Poor thing, I let her run behind me, one so she wouldn't get hit by cars, and two if she needed to walk, she could do so still keeping me in her sight. We did two laps around our neighborhood in 17 minutes. That wasn't the best of time and I can really tell when I don't run my pace but it was good for her to get out there and start running. She hasn't ran, except for at school, anything since January when she did the Run Around Town 5K, where by the way she came in first for her age group. That's my girl.

I'm hoping that the weekend is going to be as pretty as they say because I'm planning on going for that 8 mile run tomorrow and then getting my car and DH's car cleaned out and washed. This will take the help of two little girls who have nothing to do but help me out around the house.

Well I'm off. I hope everyone has a WONDERFUL Friday and awesome weekend.

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