Saturday, March 13, 2010

Birthday cakes and Birthday parties

are what is in store for this weekend. I wanted to go for a run this morning before the family got up this morning. But I was up at 4:30 this morning because I heard K coughing and couldn't understand why it sounded like she was standing right outside my door. I finally got up and scoped out what was going on and her and DH were sitting at the computer eating cheese and peanut butter crackers. Come to find out, that was not the first time she had been up during the night. So I finally fell back to sleep around 6 after putting her back to bed and woke up for the day at 8.

When K went down for her nap at 2, I quickly changed, grabbed the Garmin out of DH's work truck and went for a 6 mile run. I was feeling great and when I hit the first mile I was trucking it at 8:52. By the time I hit the 3 mile mark I was at 26:52. When I hit my drive way and turned off my watch I did 6 miles in 55 minutes. Not to shabby. I have a 5K that I'm getting ready for next month and want to PR around 25:30. I think it's doable as long as I throw in some speed work this week.

I'm also making my first vanilla cake from scratch. My friend is coming down to make the icing and we will then decorate the Dora cake. We are finally celebrating K's 2nd birthday, only a week or so late. She'll never realize that Mommy decided to run a half marathon on her birthday weekend.

I hope everyone has a great weekend.

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