Wednesday, March 3, 2010

No, No, NO

DH gave me his COLD!!! I'm so annoyed I could spit on him. I went to bed last night, all excited to go to the gym this morning only to wake up feeling as though someone ran me over a couple of times throughout the night. Why didn't they have the decency to at least put me out of my misery??? My throat was so sore, my ears felt so closed up, my head was pounding something terrible. I went and got an Emergence C and drank it down. The stuff taste awful but it did make me feel better. I've also taken an Airborne here at work and some Tylenol for the headache. This stuff better be gone come Saturday morning.

I hope to finish folding clothes, but at least I got them washed and that's a plus for me. I'm not to keen on folding the clothes but hey I'm real good at getting them into the basket and then getting said basket either to the bedroom or living room. I plan on taking Nyquil tonight so I can sleep like I did before I had children who liked to walk into my bedroom all hours of the night and stand starring at me before I wake up screaming obscenities in their general direction and trying to push DH out of the bed to get away from said creatures because they scared the CRAP out of me. Sometimes I hear a very LOUD BANG as K slams her door wide open to let us know she's up but sometimes she just stands their and once I realize she's there and the screaming and cussing has come to a stop, she usually just wants to climb in my bed and sleep the rest of the morning with us. I usually take her back to bed and she just screams and cusses in baby talk at me. Like mother, like daughter.

Even though I feel like POOP, I'm still planning on running at least three miles this evening and because it hasn't gotten any warmer outside, I think I'm taking my happy butt to the gym to get in the miles on the treadmill.

I hope everyone has a great Wednesday.

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