Tuesday, March 2, 2010

It's LOST night

and my cable box was out this morning. It had a BIG RED LIGHT where the power button was and a LOCKED icon on the front of the box where the time should be. As I was tying my shoes for the 6 a.m. spin class I saw it and wondered if the storm that went through knocked out the cable or something. So off to spin I went thinking about the darn cable the whole time. I actually didn't enjoy spin class like I usually do. I didn't even crack a sweat, which I can usually do just by thinking of sweat, and I was barely even breathing hard. It was such a disappointment. I really wanted to stay and run on the treadmill some but because of the cable issue, I hurried home only to hear the cable operator tell me that they didn't open until 7 and it was 6:30.

I proceed to get ready and K decides to knock down the bathroom door while I'm blow drying my hair. Talk about my heart stopping. I had no idea who was standing there and when I finally looked, it was my little, almost 2 year old daughter wiping sleep from her eyes.

I get her situated with her daily cup of milk, and let me tell you, if this child doesn't get milk first thing in the morning and warmed up to 45 seconds in the microwave, all HELL breaks lose. I've learned from first hand experience. So I finally get someone at the cable company to help me figure out what is wrong with the box, only to find that I should have hit the POWER button. Duh, for some reason, the whole box was off and all I needed to do was hit the power button and the pretty blue light would have come back on and the time would have displayed and I would have people talking to me from the t.v. again. Yeah, the evening is saved, we will be able to watch LOST tonight.

I will be running, only a couple of miles, tomorrow, probably on the treadmill at the gym, doing the same thing for Thursday and then spin again on Friday. Saturday will be here before you know and 7 is really early for a race but I think I'm ready. Bring on the half-marathon.

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