Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Go Global Darton 56K

is in about three weeks or so. On Saturday I had on my running schedule an 8-mile run. Since I'm not doing much training, I've decided to add miles each Saturday. Last Saturday I ran 6 miles and this Saturday was 8. I was feeling really good and the sun was out and the cold was gone, for the time being. It was great to be out. At the 3-mile mark these two dogs come barking at me from their drive ways, which reminded me again that I needed to go and get some mase. Once I hit 4 miles I stopped to take my power aide gel and drink some water and do a little stretching. My knee was giving me some problems. As I was regrouping, I decided not to go back the way I came but to just see if I could add the extra needed miles in somewhere else, I didn't want to get chased by dogs again. When I hit my driveway and stopped my watch, I had ran 7 miles in 1:07. I was pretty pleased with myself and decided that I will do 8 miles again this Saturday to see if I can make it.

Yesterday C and I did 3 laps around our neighborhood which almost calculated out to 3 miles. She did it in 28:XX minutes. I was so proud of her. We stretched and K came out to stretch with us. I wish DH had snapped a picture of us girls stretching. It was just to cute.

I was suppose to go to spin this morning but I had a lose Bolt last night that we finally caught around 3:30 this morning and after finally falling back to sleep at 4, I just knew that I was not going to be able to go at 5:30, so I slept in.

I think C and I are going to do another three laps around the neighborhood this afternoon.

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