Thursday, February 25, 2010

Countdown to half-marathon.

And it's coming up way too fast. No matter how much preparation you do, you still feel like a ball of nerves about a week before any type of race. Considering I've never ran farther than a 5k in a race, I'm really, really nervous about this upcoming half marathon. I'm bound and determine though to make it before 3 hours. I really want to make it in 2 hours but will be pleased if I do it around the 2 and half hour mark.

So I should have gotten out of bed to go running this morning, but the cold weather outside made me snuggle down further in the blankets and decide that running after work will do just fine. Anyhow, running after work helps me to run away the day, so to speak. Stressful days makes for a good run afterwards. I always feel so much better when I go then. Plus my leg was killing me last night for some strange reason and then this morning my shoulder hurt. So putting it off until later was a good idea, I'll just let myself keep on thinking that.

My planned run for this evening is do some sprints. I always sprint at the end of my runs anyways, but I've decided that adding some now will probably help me next Saturday. (Oh my goodness, the race is next Saturday ahhhhh). I also plan on going to spin in the morning and then on Saturday running around 5 miles and then doing it again on Sunday.

Let the countdown continue. The race is next Saturday.

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