Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Happy Hump Day

As I was cruising the world-wide web for some blogs from runners (you know stealing their tips on what to do during, after, and how to prepare for a half marathon) I decided to update my own blog. Man it was scary all the things I deleted off of here, LOL!!! I've decided to come back and just put my own experiences with running out there for all the other people who need encouragement, pointers, or just want to read some blogs about running, like me. I'm also dedicating this blog to my crazy life, because with two little girls, a husband who enjoys computer games more than family time, training for half-marathons and 5ks, going back to school to get my associates degree in the paralegal field, and working full time, I have a lot going on and it does get pretty interesting to say the least. I hope everyone enjoys my ramblings.

On March 6, I'm running in my very first half marathon. I enjoy running and ever since I did the Jingle Bell Jog in 2008, I've gotten hooked back into the racing aspect of running. I forgot how great it feels to win a medal after completing a race. C has even become a fan of running and has done a couple of mile races and did her very first 5k back in January beating all the other little kids to take the first place medal. That's my girl, kicking butt while taking names, LOL!!!!

I'll be back in the morning with today's run, how far and time, along with anything else that seems to spring from my fingers as I type.

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