Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Gets in the way when you least expect it.

Last week, I felt that tickle in my throat, the tickle that tells me a sore throat is coming, along with a stuffed up nose, and a head that feels like its about to explode.  So I set off to the store in search of Emergen C and a pray that it works quick enough to let me not get a cold.

Friday night, I'm lounging in my recliner at home, with the start of a cold coming on and coming on strong.  Saturday morning arrives and I can't breath, can hardly speak, and I know without a doubt that trying to get out and run in my condition would not help me get better at that time.  Yes, I usually will just run through a cold, but I couldn't breath at all.  I was either so congested that breathing out of my mouth or my nose was running so terribly bad that I had a tissue stuck up it just to keep it from leaking every where.  I was a disgusting, snotty mess.  It wasn't pretty.

So Sunday rolls around and I'm thinking that if I can get my nose under control, I'll attempt a small run.  Nope, I'm sneezing, snotting, and just plain miserable all day. 

Now I've ran 7 miles in the past two days, my nose is a little better but it's so sore from all the blowing and such and my head is still killing me but at least my throat isn't sore.  Colds are no fun.

On top of me having a cold, Bug and Monkey went to spend the night with my mom Saturday night.  For no other reason, than they wanted to.  I get a text from my mom at 8 telling me that Monkey is throwing up and having stomach issues.  Since she lives an hour away, I tell her to keep her there but bring her to me first thing in the morning.  At 9 I get another call telling me, she's still throwing up and that she's crying that she wants to come home.  I meet her half way.  It's now 9:30.  I get the girls back home, get them settled (both of them are wide awake) and they both eat a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and drink some pineapple juice.  By 10:30, they are both in bed asleep and Monkey hasn't thrown up since 9.  Sunday she's up sometime around 8 (I was still sleeping) but at 11, I find her in her room asleep on the floor.  I get her in bed, wrap the blankets around her and just let her sleep.  She wakes up around 2:30.  She's feeling a lot better and wants a snack, now Mommy.

So this weekend, life and sickness got in the way of my running.  Any and all goals I had for the marathon have now been shelved and my only goal is making it through it alive.  I'm determined, come hell or high water, that I'm running my 18 miles on Saturday.  There will be no excuses, there will be no putting it off, there will only be me, my ipod, and 18 miles.  I'm looking forward to it.

Have a wonderful day.

Angela :)

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