Friday, July 1, 2011

New Schedule

I've found a new training schedule that I think my bod will respond better to than 4-days in a row running. 

I have once again enlisted the help of Runner's World Smart Coach and put together a 4 day/week running schedule that should help me stay injury free.  I will only run on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday.  On Tuesday I plan to incorporate my bike into the mix.  I also think I'm going to add bike work on Thursday after my easy runs or the other way around.  We shall see. 

I'm starting this schedule on Monday, so tomorrow I'll run an easy 7 miles.

My new training schedule looks a little like this:

Monday - 2 miles at 9:25 (then I'll do some weight work, this will obviously be done at the gym)
Tuesday - 6 miles on the bike
Wednesday - 4 miles  - 2x1600 in 7:28 w/800 jogs
Thursday - 2 miles at 9:25 (weight work at the gym)
Friday - Rest
Saturday - 8 miles (I have a 5k race this day so I'll do a 2 mile warm-up, the race, then about a 2 mile cool down for a total of 7.1 miles)

I hope that this new training schedule will help my hip out.  I really hate that I'm giving up on the new schedule already but my first and only priority is keeping me healthy and I think this will do it.

Angela :)

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