Monday, June 13, 2011

Monday's Weekend Review

I had a great weekend.  I got to race, got to spend the evening with friends, and got to spend a quite Sunday at home (which included two hours spent sitting in the sun working on my tan).  This weekend was just what I needed.  I so wish today wasn't Monday but Sunday all over again so I could spend some more time at home with the family.

I also am on week 3 of using coupons and managed to save $65 at the store this week which brings my total savings up to $136.  I'm finding I'm saving more and more as the weeks go on and I'm learning how to use the coupons along with the deals already out there.  I'm having tons of fun with this and can't wait until I'm really saving a ton of money.  I'm already looking forward to Wednesday when the circular comes out.  Let the savings begin.

I started a new training schedule this week.  This training plans calls for 4 days of back-to-back running.  I'm using this week to see how it will effect my hip.  If after Saturday's long run my hip is acting up, then I'll decide what needs to be cut and what needs to be done.

So anyways on the schedule for this morning I had 3 miles.  I decided to ride my bike to the gym (without my Garmin, just wanted to ride), run 3 miles on the treadmill and then work on my arms.  The ride over to the gym was a cool one, the run went smooth with three miles done in 26:28 and I didn't have much time left to work on my arms but I did squeeze in two machines for a total 2 reps at 10 a piece. 

This is how the rest of the week looks:
Tuesday - 4 miles/abs class
Wednesday - 4x800 at 5k pace (according to Macmillan, I should have a 3:26 - 3:36 800)
Thursday - Ride bike to gym/2 mile run/leg work on the weights/abs class
Friday - Rest
Saturday - 6 miles
Sunday - Rest

I'm really hoping that after Saturday's 6 miler, I'll (1) have gotten some of this weight off and (2) that my hip will be holding up enough to handle this new schedule.  

I hope everyone has a wonderful Monday.

Angela :)

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