Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Destination New York

Since I was in New York last Wednesday until Sunday, I've decided to go day-by-day on all the activities we did.

So Wednesday morning, I'm up bright and early and head to the gym to get in a sweaty four miler on the treadmill.  I knew my mom was going to be at my house around 8:30, so I took my time getting my sweat on and getting excited about getting on a plane and taking off to the Big City.

Since I live in a small town, our airport is pretty far from where I live.  Our plane was suppose to leave at 11, which would mean we would get to Atlanta with about 40 minutes to spare to catch our connecting flight to New York.  We arrive at the airport around 9:30 and there is no power.  Cue dreadful music.  Since there was no power, our baggage claim tickets were handwritten but we couldn't go through security because we had no power.  At about 15 minutes until our flight was suppose to leave (getting a since of the Supposes on here), the power comes back on and we get ushered through security to another waiting room.  11 comes and goes and no flight to Atlanta.  11:30ish our plane arrives from Atlanta, they get the people off, get their luggage off, we are able to board and at 12ish we finally leave the Albany airport.

Now if you read the beginning of the third paragraph, IF our plane had left on time we only had 40 minutes to catch our connecting flight to New York.  With nervous laughter of "are we going to make our connecting flight or not?" being talked about, we arrive in Atlanta at 12:15ish.  We arrive at Gate D, our connecting flight is at Gate A.  If anyone has ever been in the Atlanta airport, you know this is not a hop, skip or jump away.  We get off the plane with 20 minutes to spare and RUN through the Atlanta airport.  Somehow we managed to get to our gate with 10 minutes to spare and as my mom is getting on the plane, they shut the door behind her.  Now the question is "Did our luggage get on this plane?"   The answer to that question is "No."  Considering the wait we had with the Super Shuttle and the plane arriving with our luggage, we decided to wait it out.  Fifteen minutes after we got to the luggage area, our own luggage arrived.  We were finally off to the City.

After arriving at our hotel, the Hilton Garden Inn at Times Square, we freshened up and took on the City.  Actually our first stop was FOOD.  Considering we had almost missed our flight in Atlanta, coupled with the nerves of actually going to New York City, I had only eaten a banana and some pretzels on the flight.  I was starving.  We found a cute little Irish pub that looked pretty decent. 

The food was amazing.  After dinner we went to Times Square and just walked around.  Most of the time our heads were looking up at all the tall buildings.  I was blown away by how tall everything was.  After getting asked a million times "Do you want to go to a comedy show?"  We finally said yes.  We went to Ha Comedy Club in Times Square.  I DIED LAUGHING!!!  With our southern accents, we definitely got picked on and when my sister forgot to turn her cell phone off and it rang during the comedians introductions, let's just say, we were first and foremost in the rest of the comedians minds.  I so didn't mind, I was laughing so hard my cheeks were killing me.

After the show, we went back to the hotel because we were going to have an early morning of site seeing to do.

Angela :)

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