Monday, February 7, 2011

Schedule for the week

I know I said I was going to post this yesterday but laziness got the best of me and I just didn't do much of anything.  Dishes are piling up and clothes needed to be folded but I just felt like lounging and so I did.

Last week was a drop down week, so this week I'm ramping it back up to get ready for half marathon no. 3 which is in like 3 weeks.  Nervous yet????

Monday - 3 miles at a 9:01 pace.  I did those 3 miles in 26:57 which is an 8:57 pace (or something like that).
Tuesday - 3 miles at 9:01 pace/abs class.
Wednesday - 8 miles (4x1600 at an 8:00 pace).
Thursday - 3 miles at 9:01 pace/abs class
Friday - REST
Saturday - 11 miles at 9:01 pace.
Sunday - REST
Total miles 28
Total time in abs class - 1 hour

There you have it.  My week in training.  So as you can see I did get up and get to the gym for my 3 miles.  My hip was bothering me a little bit from the hard running I did on Saturday, so I decided to get on the treadmill for the run since it doesn't bother my hip as much.  I did set the treadmill for a 1% incline and then I just let the belt take me away. 

I'm contemplating running my 4 mile loop twice on Wednesday for the speedwork instead of hitting up the gym.  Even though I'm going to have to get up at 5 a.m. to get the run done, I'm still contemplating doing it outside.  It's suppose to be cold, so my wimpy butt might have to settle for my treadmill at the gym. 

Angela :)


  1. Thanks guys. I'm fining that if I post my schedule I actually get it done. Thanks for keeping me motivated.