Saturday, December 11, 2010

Saturday's accomplishment

Well I didn't get up and go running this morning.  I had a nagging pain in my right shoulder that I just couldn't figure out and I also knew that it was suppose to get up to the low 60's (perfect running weather, to me that is).

I ended up cleaning out the fridge and freezer, going to Wally-world to get some grocery shopping done, got a pizza in the oven for the hubs and kids, and when the timer went off, made sure everyone had something to eat and I was out the door. 

I decided that since my training scheduled called for 7 miles and I had only ran 2 on Tuesday, that I would do either 5 or 6, depending on how I felt.  Here's the lowdown of said miles:

Mile 1 - 8:39
Mile 2  - 8:38
Mile 3 - 8:50
Mile 4 - 8:57
Mile 5 - 9:00
Mile 6 - 9:01
.48 - 9:11
Total miles: 6.48
Total time: 57:28
Average pace: 8:52
Calories burned: 659

So as you can see I ended up doing 6.48 miles.  I really had set my mind to do 7 when my watch beeped the sixth mile at me, but as I was running, I spotted a back of a credit card in the ditch.  Curious as to if the card was good or not and who it belonged to, I stopped and picked it up and found that it contained quite a few credit cards and they haven't expired yet.  So I came on home and the hubs and I looked up online the name on the cards.  Come to find out the lady lived right down the street from me and had lost her purse earlier in the week.  So when I returned her cards to her, she was relieved.  Man it would have been a bummer for her if those things ended up in the wrong hands. 

So all in all, I did a good thing by returning the cards to the lady and I got in my run.  Now tomorrow I have another 6 to 7 miles planned and I'm really looking forward to getting out the door because it's suppose to be another day like today.

Have a wonderful weekend.
Angela :)

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