Friday, October 22, 2010

So ready for the weekend


Ughh, I've fallen totally in love with this song.  Before the hubs and I got married, we did spend a lot of weekends going out and dancing.  Even though he doesn't dance that much, I could always manage to drag him out to the dance floor.  Even if I didn't, I could always see him standing with our group of friends watching me dance.  I'm one happy girl out on the dance floor.

Anywho, I'm ready for this weekend.  It's a huge SEC Showdown and the Tiger Bowl is going to be HUGE.  For those that don't know, most of you do, but I have had a couple of new bloggy members join, so I'm totally restating this fact: I'M A HUGE AUBURN TIGER FAN!!!!  The hubs and I were suppose to go to the game this weekend but unfortunately with the lack of funds and going to the family reunion, I had to sadly turn down the offer of the tickets.  It was a very hard decision, one that I didn't tell the hubs about until two days later.  He was a little upset but then when this family reunion thing came up, we knew I made the right decision.  So even though I'm not going to the game tomorrow, I'll be displaying my AU shirt with pride, the girls will be sporting their AU stickers on their cheeks and the pom-poms will be out in full force.  WEAGLE WEAGLE WAR DAMN EAGLE KICK'EM IN THE BUTT BIG BLUE!!!!!

So I've decided to get up and go running in the morning.  I've weighed all my options and running in the morning is the best thing for me to do.  We are suppose to be taking the girls to the pumpkin patch on Sunday, so I don't think I will be up for running Sunday afternoon.  I'm only planning on running 5 miles.  Let's hope I can get up in the morning and go.

I hope everyone has a great weekend and to all those that are racing, I hope you do awesome.

Angela :)

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  1. Thanks for the song... it's way better than the one I've had stuck in my head all day. Much to my husband's dismay (really not a big SEC fan) I've taken a vested interest in watching Auburn play. I suppose it probably doesn't work here to say Go Tigers! Have a great weekend enjoy your morning run.