Saturday, October 9, 2010

Last Long Run

So this morning I had my last long run before the end of this training cycle.  Even though I had said I was going to run 11/12 miles I had to cut it short because I about half mile from my 6 miles in, I saw a dog cross the street and I'm not a fan of dogs messing me while I run, so I turned around at 5 miles and just went back home.  I did take a chocolate Hammer gel at the 5 mile marker and it was just terrible.  To thick and cakey to me.  Not something I like to enjoy while on a run.  Before the run I most of a peanut butter toast and didn't really feel the need to eat during the run.

Here's the splits of how my run went down:

Mile 1 -  9:19
Mile 2 -  9:02
Mile 3 - 9:08
Mile 4 - 9:09
Mile 5 - 9:03
Mile 6 - 9:13
Mile 7 - 9:10
Mile 8 - 9:26
Mile 9 - 9:34
Mile 10 - 9:23
Total miles - 10
Total time: 1:32:28
Average pace: 9:15
Calories burned: 1019

For the past two weeks I've held a sub 10 minute pace for longer runs than 9 miles (9 miles was my total when my hip took me out for a while).   This week I was a minute faster on my 10 mile run than I was last week.  Slowly making some changes and I believe I'm ready for next weekend's half marathon.

I know that when I run, I could use some arm sleeves to help combat the strange weather and Misszippy is hosting an awesome giveaway that I could so use for the early morning runs before the sun comes up.

Well my AU Tigers pulled a huge win out and continue to be an unbeatable force in the SEC.  Alabama went down today and if LSU had gone down we would have been the only team that remained unbeaten in the SEC but as it goes Les Miles is one of the luckiest coaches in the football nation and they ended up winning over the Gators.  Well it only will make the win that AU will deliver that much better. 

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and for those running Portland and Chicago tomorrow, I can't wait to read the race reports and I so hope that everyone gets their PR.


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