Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Something to try

Like a dummy, I put on my old shoes and went for a four mile run.  Nothing was bothering me after I was finished and I even stretched everything out.  My hip didn't start bothering me until about an hour after my shower.  Darn it, I knew  better than to put those old shoes back on.

Since today was the day that I go to abs class, I decided to ask the instructor about it.  The first question she asked me was, "Do you sleep with anything between your knees?"  No, no I don't. So tonight I'm taking an old pillow that my niece uses when she spends the night with us and seeing if it works.  The hubs sleeps with one and he never complains about anything hurting.  I also realized while talking to her that I mainly sleep on my left side, actually 90% of the night is spent sleeping on my left side.  This could be the main problem.  She also suggest that I start taking alfalfa tablets.  She has started taking them and hasn't had any joint pain since.  Score, I'm picking some up this weekend when I head to Walmart.

Once I start the tablets I'm giving them a month to see if they work and if not, then I'm going to call a sports doctor and just have myself looked at.  I don't think that anything major is wrong because it doesn't hurt to walk, doesn't bother me when I run, just afterwards, and really feels like its bruised.  There is no swelling and no redness.  I also know that once I get a new pair of running shoes (couldn't get them last week because of another issue that popped up in our household) that I'll be back to my old self.  Thank goodness I still have a pair of shoes that have about 300 miles left on them. (Give or take a couple of miles).

Let's hope that the remedies she gave me to try actually work because I'm not to happy with this pain.  It's cramping my style and I'm just not going to go for it.

On a total different topic, Monkey has become obessed with purses and bookbags.  Ever since I started shopping for back to school items for Bug, Monkey is all about getting her own back to school things.  Well this morning I noticed that she was carrying one of Bug's old purses (no Bug's not old enough for a real purse, but I got her this one because she said she would use it).  As I was loading Monkey into her car seat, Bug told me that there was money in the purse.  So I go looking through it to find (are you ready for this) one blue Cinderalla heel, one white sandal that is too small, a sock and a couple of blocks.  Yes there was money, it was a dollar in quarters.  When we get to daycare I'm getting Monkey out of her seat and asked:

Me - Where's your cup?

Monkey - In my purse.

Throws purse over her shoulder and then walks off inside the daycare.

Let me tell you that little 2 year old thinks she's so much older than she really is.  It's too funny to watch her and especially funny to watch her and the hubs have a conversation.  They both are really serious when they talk and you can understand 75% of what she says, so it's not to hard to have a serious conversation with her.  Can I keep her 2 for the rest of her life????  No, but I'm going to enjoy these moments like there is no other.


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