Thursday, July 1, 2010

So close

I'm one of those type of persons who countdown to everything.  I start about a month in advance and let everyone know then what's going on in a MONTH.  Drives my hubby crazy.  I"ll plan things months in advance or try to get plans nailed down for next weekend on Sunday.  I just can't stand not knowing what's going to happen.

So I only have two days or 18 hours left until my vacation starts and let me tell you this week is DRAGGING by.  Yesterday felt like Monday and that's never a good thing.

Well this morning I was suppose to get up and run 2 miles but I slept in.  I didn't really want to get up at 6 for an 18 minute run, so I put it off until this afternoon.  At my local Y they have a family dance class that Bug and I are going to go to.  It starts at 6:30, so I figured I would do that and then once it was finished (or we leave early, Bug's not coordinated and neither am I) then I would get in the 18 minute run.  Sounds fun.  I so can't wait to try it out.  I'll probably bring the camera and snap pics of Bug and myself groovin away.

I'm really liking the structure of my new training schedule, but I'm not liking the 2 mile runs.  I just don't feel I've done enough after 2 miles but it's only today and then I move up to 3 and 4 miles.  Those are better miles for me, like I got up early to actually do something.  Crazy I know.

Tomorrow night I'm going out with some girlfriends of mine for a girls night out.  So flippin excited.  Not sure when I'll get my 7 mile run in, probably once I get down to the beach and get everyone settled I'll head out for my run.  So looking forward to it.  A new place to run in.  What more can I ask for.  My mom told me yesterday that the place has some really great walking/running trails, so this has been on my mind since she's told me.

On another awesome news, I finally came across another runner yesterday morning.  I never see anyone out, except for those out with dogs.  I felt so happy to see someone else doing something I love.  Granted he didn't say anything to me, but I did say "morning" as he zoomed passed me.

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