Friday, July 16, 2010

Friday Five

Well it's finally Friday.  So flippin excited.  I live, LIVE, for my weekends.

Now on to the meat of this post.

1.  I don't have to watch my sister's kids this weekend afterall.  She's moving and wanted me to watch them Saturday night.  Considering I have an 8 miler on schedule for tomorrow morning I was a little concerned about how I was going to feel later in the day while watching todddlers.

2.  Bug is going to a sleepover party tomorrow night.  That means I only have one baby to watch.  Heck ya.  I'm thinking of taking Monkey to Putt-Putt or something like that (maybe Chuckie Cheese) and giving the hubs some quite time at home.  He doesn't enjoy those type of places and getting Monkey out of the house to let loose on some of that toddler energy helps to calm us all down.  We shall see.

3.  Like I said in No. 1 I have 8 miles on tap.  I'm a little nervous because I, for some odd reason, have a mental breakdown around 7.5 miles.  Last week I ran 7 miles in 65 minutes and I'm thinking that its going to take me an hour and half to run 8.  I'm going to allow myself walk breaks but only after I get to 4 miles and only if I really, really need it.   I'm going to push myself to run the whole 8 but not going to beat myself up if I have to stop and walk some.

4.  I'm getting my grocery shopping done tonight.  I usually do it on Saturdays but I really enjoy my Saturday mornings with my girls.  So I think Monkey and I are going to head to the store and get it all done tonight so I can have more time with them tomorrow.  Bug hates going shopping, unless its to get her something and she doesn't consider getting food (even if it's for her) fun.

5.  Since I have no children but my own to keep tomorrow, I'm taking full advantage of it all and soaking up some rays.   Another reason I want to go shopping tonight.  I'm going to let Monkey skip her nap, if she wants to, and play outside in the kiddie pool all afternoon with me.  It's going to be so much fun.

And there you have it, five random things about me or my weekend that you probably could care less about but I felt you should know about.

Have a wonderful day and for all those racing this weekend, GOOD LUCK!!!!

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