Thursday, November 20, 2014

My life

I have no words as to why I stopped blogging.  But my life hasn't been completely boring nor has much changed.

I finished that second marathon in 4 hours and 2 minutes.  I was a little upset about the 2 minutes but then it hit me, I actually took almost 15 minutes off my first marathon and that was an amazing feat in and of itself.

I got another year older, my kids and husband got another year older but the most amazing thing happened to my family in June.  I'll share that story with you.

One lazy Saturday afternoon I was lounging in my bed watching TLC's I Won The Lottery or something like that.  A girlfriend of mine was coming over to lay out with me, so I was watching that show while I waited.  Once she got to the house, we all went outside and lounged in the pool discussing what we would do if we had won the lottery. 

I forgot to mention that a girlfriend of mine has asked me to feed her cats while she and her husband were out of town that same weekend.  So when I went down to feed the cats I found an envelope on the table with my name on it and $10 in it to feed the cats.

So anyways, I had to stop at the convenient store on my way back from lunch with my mom and sister the following Tuesday and while I was there I decided to take $5 of that $10 and purchase a Fantasy Five ticket.  It always has a jackpot of $100,000 in it and if I didn't win, welp no harm done.

I didn't tell a soul I had purchased the ticket, just stuck it back in my purse and went on with life.  The next day, Wednesday, I was in a meeting with my bosses when I realized I needed to check the numbers for the Fantasy Five and see if I had won.

As luck would have it, my ticket hit, along with another ticket, which meant I had to split the $100,000 with the other winning lottery ticket.  I called my husband and with a very cry heavy voice told him we just won $50,000 on the GA lottery.  He was actually with a client and told me he would have to call me back.  So I went to my bosses and asked them to please come check the numbers on the computer screen against the numbers I had on the ticket, just to have another set of eyes on the ticket matching the numbers.  I HAD JUST WON $50,000 ON FANTASY FIVE. 

I had never played that game before on the lottery and usually when I did play, I only played when the pots were up in the millions. 

We kept it quiet until after we went to the Lottery Office and picked up the check.  Even then we only told close friends and family what had happened.  But a week after we had gotten the check, I started getting a lot of notifications on FB.  Come to find out, the local news company in my area found out I had won that much money and ran a story of it on t.v. at noon.  Soon everyone found out I had won the lottery.

We didn't go crazy with the money.  In all honesty, most of it is still sitting in my savings account.  We bought a new t.v., new furniture, finished our pool deck and bought two kayaks. 

So you can say, my life has taken a very nice turn.  I haven't played the lottery much since I won back in June.  I think all my luck was used on that one ticket.  I still have a copy of the ticket and of course, the fake HUGE check they give you at the lottery office.

So there you have it, that's what my life has been like since January 2014, the last time I posted.

Happy Thursday!!!!

Angela :)

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