Friday, August 27, 2010

Friday, Friday

I'm excited that it's Friday.  Finally Friday.  This week has gone by so slowly.

Well I have rested the hip for two days now.  I'm not going to do any exercise on it until tomorrow when I race in a 10.5k race in my town.  I'm pretty excited for tomorrow's run and even more excited that the hip is not giving me any pain than usual.  I iced it like crazy last night and then waited for about 30 minutes and then took a nice warm bath.  It felt pretty good after that and I knew that I had found my pain relievers. 

In the morning I'm icing the hip, taking some pain medicine, and then icing directly after the race.  I have an appointment on Tuesday to have it looked at.  After googling some information online as to what could be the problem, I'm leaning more toward inflammation than anything else.  It doesn't bother me while running but afterwards, when the muscle is inflammed, is when I notice it and then the day after it's pretty intense pain but starts subsiding and then the next day I'm feeling back to my old self again.

I've also noticed that if I don't wear heels, then the pain is not bad at all.  Today I wore heels, so the pain is there but it's very managable and only feels like there is a slight pulling rather than the bruise feeling I've been feeling.

So I'm hoping the doctor will either give me some infammatories or a shot and I'll be 100% healed.

Now my only problem is, I'm probably not going to be up for much next week until the medicine kicks in or whatever he does starts helping.  The half marathon is about 6 weeks away, great timing Hip, so I don't think I'll be too far off track.  I'm going to just go with the flow and let my body do what it does and just hop that I can get in my two 12 milers before the race in October.  I at least want to get in a 10 miler, 11 miler and 12 miler (my training calls for two, so I'm crossing everything that I can do it).

Let's hope the hip stays good for tomorrow's race and then keep me in your thoughts that nothing serious is wrong and I'll be able to run this race in October.  I'm hoping against hope that I'll be toeing that starting line on October 16 and if I have to, then I'll walk the whole thing but I'm going to be there. 

Have a wonderful weekend all.  I can't wait to recap tomorrow's race.

Angela :)

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